Finally Writing Again! /cheer
December 03, 2010 :: 12:25 a.m.

Is it weird that I feel I should thank the ones who hurt me so much, because they at least brought this out in me again? Yeah thanks for tearing me apart, shredding my heart, causing more pain than should be legal or withstood, then pouring salt in. Thanks a lot. I guess I needed it. Jerks. :P
And thank you SO MUCH to the ones who have helped the hurt, gotten me through, been there within and after the thick, love you guys always. <3
It's great to be able to say I can finally write again, seems like it's official now. I have quite a few full new poems, some shorter snippets, and some I keep singing. Not that I think they're wonderful by any means, but almost anything(even despite trite) is still SO much better than nothing.

Most Cherished Cycle


I love being

able to walk

outside to tell

time within

minutes only

by scale of

silence that

feels heavy

surrounds me

like a blanket

of strength

and peace wrapped

around, refreshing

and calm, pre-dawn

when everything

feels so


getting ready

to burst

into action

set and props: ready

lack of sound loud

in itself, a buzz

resonates within

reverb sings

out with

the breeze

as all preps

to stir anew

just awaits

each cue to go

in join choirs

enjoy most cherished

ritual honoring

daily cycle just

by dancing out own

steps of your life.


JAY 8/9/2010


stray kitten, abandoned
still lost here in
a box w/ razorblades
AKA DFW Texass

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