things that don't really belong elsewhere
April 21, 2016 :: 10:52 p.m.

Man, the things I post places where they don't belong, babbling on and on about important things that nobody there will read through. All because I don't have a place like this to use anymore.
Is there anybody around here anymore?
It seems exactly the same system.. no wonder. So frustrating to when some of the basic things all cost the gold memberships to use, still even though nobody is really here anymore. Bleh.
And yet, I still want to have it back.
So I figured to re-look at this page, I've been going through a reminensing sort of a night where I can't stop thinking.
And I reckon I should start by saving some of the things I threw out to the other places all in one place for myself at least.

1. Today while we were out driving a lot, I kept looking into all the trees and their many lovely shades of green happy from the rains. After trying to calm my urge to be able to go out and walk amid them(it just draws me like a magnet) I remembered YAAAY I finally get to go camping again in a week. WOOT WOOT!

2. BTW if anybody ever tries to make a stupid joke and involve Aids in it, then H NO do not expect me to apologize to *you* when i snap at you and start crying. Jerks. You aren't supposed to do that with cancer, either. So just please don't.
RIP and I'll always love and miss you, still one of the best people I ever got the chance to have in my life. This was only your fifth birthday gone from us here, and it still isn't any easier or making me have less moments of thinking about you. I was never supposed to be older, damnit janet. /end

Tomorrow Wendy - Concrete Blonde

3. Tonight puts me in a mood for strange sad songs full of history.
This one is because of a conversation with my husband where he was trying to tell me what the top excuse people are blaming for school shootings now. Ya know how it used to be all Marilyn Manson and other music's fault. Supposedly it's all about masculinity being insulted or such. So I ask him if he even knows that the first big school shooting was by a girl... It just led to making me wonder how many people today even learn about and remember a lot of these things, really. Like all the history on those "mystery at the museum" type shows that seems to be widely forgotten, why isn't more of this stuff taught about. I'm sure there's a lot more lost.
"Tell me why..."
I Don't like Mondays
Why I Don't like mondays

4. Today my hubby had the day off because it was a state holiday and he works for the state. But it's a holiday most people dont notice or know about, so its confusing. and funnilly enough, it happened to be a day he had a doctor appointment and planned on taking off for. Now he will just take off tomorrow instead since the new pills he got are chock full of new side effects to adjust to. SO yeah, he gets a five day holiday, lucky bastard.
so while we were out, after the doctor visit we get a very confused call from our roommate, who's been spending most of his time at his girlfriends house where he was about to move in with. we had been singing to loud music when he called, so that would be his first tip that hubs was not at work.

roomie: HEY MAN whats going on...wait where are you?
hubs: on my way to the store(to pick up prescription)
roomie: what why arent you at work???
hubs: tis a holiday
roomie: it is??? what holiday is that?
hubs: san jacinto(here he has to say it a few times to more HUH questions, meanwhile i keep trying to correct him on the pronunciation of it)
roomie: wtf is that? ive never heard of that one(hes a northernerfrom mass, this is acceptable)
hubs: idunno, some mexican one nobody cares about. (now he's born and raised texan, that is NOT acceptable)
me: ...that is SO wrong, it's opposite.

San Jacinto Day is the celebration of the Battle of San Jacinto on April 21, 1836. It was the final battle of the Texas Revolution where Texas won its independence from Mexico.
San Jacinto Day

OMG hahaha. This is so random and coincidental. Amid my memory lane trip, I was reading the old site of another friend who passed and one of the last things she shared had this video, because her kids did the dance for her wedding. Well when it mentions in the vid that he always plays this song every time at concerts, I suddenly REMEMBERED that same thing at a fest, I guess another polka influenced band keeps with that tradition too. Now I know why. XD

chicken dance.

Sorry this is still to be fully written and edited a few times, of course. it's getting late though and i was already worn out hours ago.
Maybe check back tomorrow.
/yawn think think think

boooo for fibromyalga combined with insomnia.


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